Your Antique Sourcing Studio

I have recently set up an antiques and vintage sourcing service
together with Samantha Hansard 
focusing on corporates, interior designers, 
kitchen design and the hospitality industry. 
We have worked separately for a number of years sourcing and styling pieces in private client’s homes. However, we were recently approached by a restaurant business to help them refurbish a number of their outlets and realised that two heads working together are better than one. It was such a success that we decided that this was a service we could offer to others.
We are finding more and more people approaching us with a concern for sustainability and longevity, not only in the materials that they use in their builds but furniture and décor too. Vintage and antique pieces ticks these boxes and adds soul and personality too.
Please contact us on 07866597974 to discuss your requirements or click on the image below for our instagram profile and contact us via Instagram.


Image Source: Left to right: Athena Calderone, Abigail Ahern, Wit & Delight, Amber Interiors